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1. You don't have to necessarily be a member, but you must be a fan of
2. You must apply with YOUR working, valid email address.
3. You must fill out the following fields - name, email, country. If you are missing any of those three, I will ignore your application.
4. Feel free to use your real name or a nickname you use. If you happen to be a member, it'd be nice if you would fill in your username as well.

The following rules, including the above rules, apply to anyone who wants to join AND has a working site that they would like listed:

1. Your filling out the "url" part of the application is totally optional.
2. If you choose to put a URL, make sure that the site is YOURS and has a place where you put your joined fanlistings (accessible to public as well). Free hosting sites like Geocities and Freewebs are totally fine.
3. Please link back to this fanlisting with a text link or image link. BEFORE you join, put up the text or image link, as the time between your application and when I check your website varies.
4. If you choose to link back using my image code, please upload the image to your own server. I highly disapprove of direct linking and if I find that you are direct linking my provided codes, watch out.
5. I will not list sites that contain pornography, racism, excessive swearing, and/or lots of sticky caps.

If you agree with all of the above, come get an image code!


Please link back to the fanlisting at the following URL. NO DIRECT LINKING ALLOWED. ""

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