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Simply enough, this is a fanlisting for Akesato! =)


Name: Akesato
Seiyuu: Neya Michiko

Caution: certain spoilers ahead

Akesato is a character from Chrono Nanae's anime and manga series Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker and Peacemaker Kurogane. In both series, she mainly works as a popular oiran in the red-light district Shimabara. An oiran was something like a geisha, but different in a few ways. For one, she is elaborately dressed with a brocade obi tied in front, high platform geta shoes, and wears the most elaborate hairstyle possible. She is usually attended by apprentices and little girls. The main difference between an oiran and a geisha, however, was that the oiran were associated with brothels and pleasure, while the the geisha were associated with entertaining audiences with their dancing, musical, and social talents.

However, Akesato is more than just a mere oiran. In the midst of nights, she takes up the role of being a kunoichi, or female ninja, and spies for the enemy of the Shinsengumi. Although she plays this role very well, her double life leads her to feel a loneliness that puts her off from the rest of society. Then, one day, she meets Yamanami Keisuke, one of the vice-captains of the Shinsengim, and in this twist of fate both of them come to fall in love with the other. It is at this point, her loneliness grows even more, but fortunately for Akesato, Yamanami also experiences the same loneliness that seperates him from the rest of the Shinsengumi.

Akesato is first introduced in the anime, Peacemaker Kurogane, in episode 12, "Older Brother". In the manga, Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker, she is first introduced in volume 3, chapter 13, "I Call Your Name", thus the title of this fanlisting. =)


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