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Simply enough, this is a fanlisting for the song Aozora no Namida!

Aozora no NAMIDA

Lyrics: Takahashi Hitomi, Watanabe Natsumi
Music: Tanaka Hidenori

Aozora no Namida was used as the first opening theme song for the anime Blood Plus. The single was originally slated to be released on October 12, 2005, but was pushed back to a later date. This is Hitomi Takahashi's first single to be in two formats, CD Only & CD+DVD. On its first day on the charts, Aozora no Namida hit #5, and managed to get #8 for its first week on the charts. The music video for this single includes animation of Blood Plus made specifically for the video.

Aozora no Namida's PV was directed by AT, and like her previous two, was filmed at an unknown location. The PV starts off with the main character of Blood Plus, Saya, preparing to fight one of the Chiropterans. The scene suddenly changes to Hitomi waking up on a staircase, looking around, and then walking down the staircase. The scene changes again to Saya killing the Chiropteran, the scene also constantly switching from Hitomi to this scene as Hitomi continues to "search" around the place. As the PV progresses, Hitomi stubbles upon Saya fighting another Chiropteran, with Saya losing control of her sword. Also, other scenes of Hitomi can be seen; Hitomi sitting on a bunch of rocks with steam around her, and Hitomi singing in a subway-like setting (this is also where the fight against the second Chiropteran takes place). Hitomi grabs the sword and kills the Chiropteran causing Saya to disappear with a smile. The end of the PV features Hitomi walking out onto a cliff to view a city being ravaged by more Chiropteran, her eyes glowing red.

-- taken from the Aozora no Namida entry at Wikipedia.org.

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