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"A fanlisting is simply an online listing of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join." -- TFL.org

Simply enough, this is a fanlisting for the series Gintama!


Gintama, which translates as "silver soul", is a manga (now turned anime!) created by Hideaki Sorachi. Currently published in Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump, Gintama is slowly but steadily creeping its way into America as we know it, and surely one day it will also gain as much popularity in the US as in Japan. xD Place this under a genre, this runs under shonen, comedy, action, science fiction, and all around good slices of life~

Twenty years ago, Edo Japan was taken over by the Amanto (space aliens), and ever since, the samurai of the time have dwindled under the new government, mainly because of a sword ban placed by the Amanto. Enter Sakata Gintoki, freelancer samurai and protagonist of this series. TO adap to the new times, Gintoki, along with Shimura Shinpachi (who meets Gintoki in the first episode/chapter of the series, and "tags along" for the adventure) and Kagura (an Amanto who looks like a young Chinese girl) forms a semi-self-proclaimed group called Yorozuya Gin-chan, or quite literally "Freelancers Gin-chan". The three of them go about Edo doing odd jobs from babysitting large alien pets to pretending to be exorcists.

Just compare the level of how crappy the summary is to how crack-filled this series is. Fill with odd-ended puns (that sometimes don't even translate into English to make any kind of sense), the author also loves to complain about his editor and having to write omake. This series also includes a bunch of historical cameos that concerned Japanese history during the end of the Tokugawa Period.

Personal comments: As a huge Shinsengumi fan myself, I must say that I'm very happy to found out about this series coming to the US! I hope you all enjoy and learn about this series as much as I am through this series, and I hope this series gets big in the US as big as it is in Japan!


Eventually, the characters section will have a heck of a lot more characters as well with pictures and better character profiles... (Haha. T_T)

Name: Sakata Gintoki
Anime seiyuu: Sugita Tomokazu
Age: 20 something
Background: lazy and unenthusiastic; often spotted with a Jump comic in his hands and loves sweets; has a wooden sword with "Lake Touya" on it; was once the "Shiroyasha" who fought against the Amanto, but is now a "yorozuya" or freelancer samurai; has very high blood-sugar level; can be a bit of a pervert and blunt at times; cares for his friends even though he doesn't really give that impression

Name: Shimura Shinpachi
Anime seiyuu: Sakaguchi Daisuke
Age: 16
Background: looks weak, but is actually very strong; the worry-wart of the Yorozuya; strict and holds more common sense than Gintoki and Kagura quadrupled; a very big fan of Otsuu (popular pop singer) and even became leader of her fanclub/bodyguards; loves his sister Otae very much to the point of slight "sister complex"; actually fusse about how the three of them don't pay the rent

Name: Kagura
Anime seiyuu: Kugimiya Rie
Age: 14
Background: freakishly strong; often can be found chewing on vinegar kombu or doing something completely random, i.e. picking her nose; looks like a young girl in a Chinese dress, but is actually a member of the Yato clan, known for their superior strength and using umbrellas as their weapons; loves to bully Shinpachi and annoy Gintoki; her umbrella is bulletproof and shoots, well, bullets (o_O)

Name: Sadaharu
Anime seiyuu: N/A
Age: N/A
Background: giant white dog, while the name translates to "great one"; named after Kagura's first pet; found one day in a large cardboard box in front of the Yorozuya's apartment by Kagura; instantly grows an attachment to Kagura and vice versa; loves to bite on Gintoki's head and make him bleed; obeys only Kagura

More coming eventually...