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Simply enough, this is a fanlisting for the name series opening song, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

the series

Known as When They Cry - Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni in the English version of the anime, is a Japanese murder mystery dojin soft visual novel series based on the NScripter engine, produced by 07th Expansion. The series is focused on a group of young friends and the strange events that occur in the village that they live in. It can be categorized under drama, horror, mystery, and psychological thriller.

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the song

The following explanation of the opening song (which is pretty in depth with the series itself) contains slight spoilers (I at least tried to restrain myself) that may or may not impact the reader's knowledge of the series. If you happen to be a fan of the series, then perhaps you should watch the entire series first and then figure the whole story yourself. Otherwise, read onward....

The opening sequence of the song introduces the four main female characters of the series, as well as briefly revealing their roles in the series. The imagery of the song contains many variations of nature in all kinds of settings, from forest scenery to fields of grass and, as the key factor to the fanlisting's layout, many types of vibrant flowers. The said nature images connect to the fact that the town the four girls live in, Hinamizawa, is in a rural, very nature-tuned setting.

The first girl to be introduced is Furude Rika (second girl to the right), her back turned from the screen and, upon a close up, her face adorned with a fox mask, which she takes off. The next girl introduced is Ryuuguu Rena (farthest on the right hand side), and she is shown walking barefoot down a hall filled with broken glass, covered in blood, and licking the remnants of it off of her arm. The next character, Sonozaki Mion (farthest on the left hand side), is is introduced along with her twin, Shion, and the spiraling form of their bodies in fetal position represent the complex relationship between the two girls (moreso for Shion, who is not pictured below). The last girl of Hinamizawa introduced is Houjou Satoko (second girl to the left), and she is shown in field of flowers and grass against a moonlit background, with a close up of her face revealing a pained expression and tears from her eyes (she is also, I believe, whispering out "Nii-Nii"). The final image is of Rena in her outside outfit on top of a hill in the trash site during a sunset, holding her machete. She glances back, the crows scatter from below, and then a drop down scene of Hinamizawa is shown as a finish.

Well, that was just a slight (yeah right) description of the opening sequence, with the best of my knowledge. If you happen to have a further analysis of the series, I would love to hear it myself (because this series is so ridiculously complex and interesting that I wouldn't mind hearing other people's opinions and theories~). As a finishing touch, perhaps the lyrics and translation of the lyrics would be of great interest.

Click here for here of the full version of the opening song.