It all started when I wanted to showcase my (poorly created) banners and avatars that I made for the (now dead) forum AnimeChains.net as well as put up irrelevant forum stuffs onto the internet. After scanning through many tutorials and such, I finally had a site up at the free hosting Freewebs. Although the date isn't certain, all of this occurred I believe in May 2005. For a couple of months, my interest in HTML died until one day I was (rather abrupted) inspired to change my layout. (From then on, I became something of a layout whore, for lack of a better word.)

Shortly after making my very first iframes layout, I signed up to be hosted at 1ntoxication.net thanks to Blok (who now owns Roronoa.nu). As swell as it was having to actually be hosted by something not by Geocities or any other commercialized hosting site, my modest site was rapidly expanding. Because of that, I switched over to being hosted by the lovely Janita at Seraphellic.net. Soon, it will be three years of being hosted by her, but I think I'm ready to move on to having my own site one day... just one day, though, when I somehow get the money and figure out how domain stuff works.

And now here's the real reason for displaying my site history. Writing up this kind of history was so that I can prove that I've basically started from nowhere and I hope to becoming one of the more well known people on the internet for my skills in HTML and Photoshop. I'm a long way from there, but I hope I'll get there someday.

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