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Simply enough, this is a fanlisting for the relationship between Priest Seto and Pharaoh Atemu!


(( Written and images by Annie ))

Pharaoh Atemu - Atemu, the true name of Mou hitori no Yugi, was once the mighty Pharaoh of Egypt 3,000 years ago. He holds the Sennen Puzzle, passed down from his late father, King Akunamukanon. He was a kind, fair and young ruler, and sacrificed his life to save the world from evil by sealing his soul within the puzzle.

Priest Seto - One of the 6 priests on the Pharaoh's court, Seto was one of the more powerful priests. He is the son of Priest Akunadin, the brother of the late King, making Seto and Atemu cousins. He holds the Sennen Rod, and although he hungered for great power, he remained loyal to the Pharaoh.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Unlike their modern-day counterparts, Pharaoh Atemu and Priest Seto share a good relationship - they both hold much respect and trust for the other.

One of the first glimpses we have of Atemu and Seto's Egyptian past is during their epic duel at the semi-finals in the Battle City Tournament. They both experience a flashback to their past lives in Ancient Egypt, where they were engaged in a similar battle. Priest Seto had his Blue Eyes White Dragon out, and Pharaoh Atemu had his Black Magician ready. But the flashback ends before we find out who the winner of the battle was.

We are led to believe that Priest Seto had turned against the Pharaoh, and wanted to become the Pharaoh himself by battling Atemu. But when we get to the Egyptian arc, we learn that Priest Seto was committed to his duties as a Priest and fighting against evil. When Thief King Bakura became a threat, he was one of the first to come to the Pharaoh's aid, and when Pharaoh Atemu goes missing after a battle with Thief Bakura, Priest Seto was the one who called for a search party to rescue him.

However, Priest Akunadin's wish was to see his son become the Pharaoh by overpowering the current Pharaoh. Although Priest Seto resisted, Priest Akunadin ends up taking control over his mind, and the infamous battle between Pharaoh Atemu vs Priest Seto begins. However, Priest Seto is able to defeat Akunadin and come to his senses, and the battle is ended before his Blue Eyes White Dragon unleashed its final attack on Pharaoh Atemu.

Just before disappearing at the end of the Memory World, Pharaoh Atemu gives his Sennen Puzzle to Priest Seto, telling him to become the next Pharaoh and bring peace back to the country. Priest Seto then creates the famous stone carving of the two of them, as a tribute to his friendship with Pharaoh Atemu. This is the very stone that is on display in the Domino City Museum 3,000 years later, that sparked Seto's Battle City Tournament.