English Translation

Can't overcome, getting impatient
Even if you break the hurdles,
It's not the answer to everything

Power and love
If you don't protect the balance
You will lose sight of yourself

Are you being controlled?
On the field, anyone could
Fearlessly go away, but...

The path to the unseen tomorrow
You just might be able to choose it
Close your eyes and shuffle with your heart
Just like cards, certainly
You'll draw out a miracle

If you want to go, use all your strength
The number of things precious to you will grow
You had forgotten about bad things

It's the invisible bond on the field, for anyone
Is the needed power, so...

Know the loneliness and strength of a person
And understand the pain now
No matter what attacks you
You'll bear it without running away

People who betray their calm faces
There are many of them now
Close your eyes and see with your heart
Just like cards, that's
What has been promised, yes! You are the winner

It's the unseen tomorrow
Excitement, maybe it can be done, discovered it
Never lose! Shuffle with your heart
Just like cards, definitely
A miracle will happen!