Well hello there! I'm please that you show interest as to who I am. As you may or may not have noticed, my online name is Itsuka, but I've been known online by Jennifer for a long while before I came to use my current alias for my site. Let's see, what to tell about myself.... Well, my interest in Photoshop started back when I was in middle school, after taking a seemingly random electives class; little did I know how much that class would affect me to this day. All the HTML stuff came a bit later on, but I've also managed to stick with that and Photoshop after all these years.

I am a Vietnamese girl who is currently residing in southern California, US and I've just graduated from high school! I have the (stereo)typical physical looks of an Asian: dark hair and eyes, skinny, and short. Personality wise, I've been known to be a bit eccentric and random, depending on various factors such as food, the clothes I'm wearing, how much sleep I get, and who I'm around. To strangers I'm reserved, quiet, and shy (aren't most Asians?), but around friends I let my inner side show itself.

My interests vary far and wide, and I doubt you'd want to read a detailed thesis on what my interests are, so I'll be brief. I'm interested in anything Japan-related, whether it be with the food, pop culture, history, you name it. One of the stronger interests that has lived with me throughout the years is my interest in the Shinsengumi. Another strong interest is my hobby of cosplaying, and if you're not too sure what that is, take a look around my site to find out more. In fact, many of the non-fanlisting sites I own have something to pertain with my interests, so that's an easy way to find out what I like.

So sorry that my autobiography ended so abruptedly, but if you're still curious as to who I am, feel free to drop a message to me.

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